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04 August 2011 @ 11:55 am
Request Post?  
Okay so when I took over this community, I was hoping that we could get a bit more interactive with each other in addition to how it was running before with fics popping up here and there. One of the ideas was a request post. I'm just putting this out here now, and if there is little to no response we won't continue with it further.

What is this post for?
You can request fic recommendations, like say you want to read a Spock/Chapel story that takes place right after Plato's Stepchildren. I bet there is someone in the community who can point toward a good one. Or maybe, you read this awesome fic once but you can't find it or it has disappeared from the internet. One of our members might know where it is or saved a copy on his or her hard drive.

Perhaps you want to declare your allegiance to Spock/Chapel but haven't found the right icon that suits your personality. Someone can direct you toward a post that features Star Trek icons or you can ask someone to make one with your specific idea in mind.

Don't get your hopes up, requests don't always get fulfilled, but I, as your mod, will try to help with smaller requests.

That's all folks, I'm out.