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I've posted this rec before, but it's worth posting again. Check out Jane Land's "Kista" and "Demeter" on Transformativeworks.org's website in their Special Collections Gallery.


Transformativeworks says this about the two novels:

"'Kista' (1986;) was described by author Jane Land as "an attempt to rescue one of Star Trek's female characters from an artificially-imposed case of foolishness." In it, Chapel still loves Spock, but their developing romance is allowed to be complex, with Chapel being more of a rounded person (as well a doctor!) than she was allowed to be on screen."

"'Demeter' (1987;) is a sequel to 'Kista.' As Henry Jenkins and John Tulloch wrote in Science fiction audiences: watching Doctor Who and Star Trek, "Demeter places [Spock and Chapel's] relationship within a larger social context, dealing more directly with how women are treated within the Federation." The plot "concerns the threat a group of intergalactic drug-runners pose to Demeter, a feminist space colony, a world where women have lived without any contact with men for several generations." Uhura also plays a large role in this novel, commanding the all-female mission to Demeter; Robin Reid argues that this novel is important "within the context of second wave feminism, specifically: the creation of the 1970s feminist utopias (which often featured a lesbian separatist culture, sometimes though not always on a separate planet!)" (Reid, "'A Room of Our Own:' Women Writing Women in Fan and Slash Fiction," ICFA 2009).

"Our thanks to Dr. Robin Reid for organizing the preservation of these works."

Take this as a chance to rec something new or gush about an older story that you happen to love. It doesn't have to be strictly Spock/Chapel. It seems that the consensus among the community is to allow Spock/Chapel romantic or platonic, and anything Chapel centric even if it does contain another ship. This does not mean that you can rec a Chapel/Korby story where it's all about them getting together but you can rec a fic about Chapel's life on the Enterprise where her relationship with Korby plays a small part of the story.

For this rec post, I want to know If you had to pick one Spock/Chapel story as your favorite, what would it be?

Mine would be:

Title: Lifeline
Author: Milareppa
Rating: T
Genre(s): Adventure, Romance
Words: 69,537
Other Pairings: N/A
Summary: It's three months after Platonius and there are questions about that day that Spock and Christine are still refusing to answer. Then the Enterprise gets into trouble and, suddenly, those questions become inescapable.

There are a lot of great Spock/Chapel fics out there with awesome writers and it was hard to choose this one but I think this one would be my all time favorite. Christine comes off so well in this and I think it's one of the greatest portrayals of her character. I don't think I am alone in saying this but this fic would have made a fantastic Star Trek episode, lots of action with that sweet underlying romantic element.
Spock and Christine in Victorian times.

It's got a watercolor filter cause I couldn't make some of the artifacts of pasting heads go away.

14 July 2011 @ 10:26 am
Here's just a little info on the episode and some caps if any one likes to make graphics.
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Some background info on the episode from Memory Alpha:
According to Shatner's memoirs, the scene where Spock breaks down into tears was originally supposed to have been a simple sight gag of a crewman painting a mustache on Spock. Nimoy desired a deeper scene for Spock and created the poignant interplay between Spock's human and alien halves himself. As the production day was winding down, there was time for only a single take, which Nimoy did unscripted.

Now a trivia question for you all:
In this episode Majel Barret's character is only referred to as Nurse or Christine. What was one of the surname's she was given prior to being christened Christine Chapel in "What Are Little Girls Made Of?

Interesting note: While not an official Star Trek source, I thought it was pretty neat to see some Spock/Chapel acknowledgment in publication.
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How do you think "The Naked Time" would have worked out had it not been written in the 1960s? Would it be the same or would the Spock and Chapel scene have ended up like Yar and Data in "The Naked Now"?

Season 1, Episode 6
Seventh episode produced (including "The Cage") and fourth to air:

(click the picture for a link to the episode)

"The Naked Time" marks the first appearance of Christine Chapel on the small screen and sets up the Spock/Chapel dynamic, a recuring theme throughout all three seasons. Right off the bat, Chapel understands Spock and his struggle to deal with the differences between his Vulcan and Human halves. Here is the scene that reveals Chapel's love for Spock. Sadly, many consider it to be her defining characteristic for the series and what she is mostly remembered for.

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Tomorrow I will put up more content, so just wait. :)
Up on FF in TOS:

There's not a lot of Spock/Chapel showing up there, or Spock/Uhura, or really anything het

This author is fairly active right now, has interesting ideas, and it would be good to encourage her, I think. This story is out of her AU and uses OCs.

"The Butterfly Effect » by celticmusebooks

Even the smallest choices create ripples that bring unexpected consequences. Rated M for sexual situations, mostly implied, and because Terrans can only take so much Vulcan logic before they lapse into colorful metaphor."


Updated link.

I just got back and uploaded my pictures from Trek In The Park. This year they did Mirror, Mirror. Next year: Journey to Babel!!!

It was wonderful! The audience just went wild! The Mayor of Portland has declared February 2012 (or maybe it was July 2011) to Star Trek In The Part Month in Portland. If you live in the Portland area, you have to see it. It's showing every weekend in July (see the ad poster here with dates and location: http://www.atomic-arts.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/poster2.jpg) One warning, go VERY early. Show starts at 5. All the good seating is gone by 2 - 2:30. We showed up a little before 1 and got great seats for ourselves and our friends who came later.

I don't have the photos labeled yet, but I bet we all know the plot to Mirror, Mirror, and I want to scan the program and add that, too, but here are my photos from my ancient 3 megapixel camera.

Here are my photos:


09 July 2011 @ 10:35 am
Try this one out, folks.

Trekiverse is, well, diverse. It is an archive of all sorts of Trek Fiction you may not have read.

Blurb reads:

"The Trekiverse Archive is an archive of Star Trek Fanfiction originally posted to the newsgroups alt.startrek.creative , its sub-groups alt.startrek.creative.all-ages, and alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated and occasional submissions. It was established back in 1991 as the Alt.StarTrek.Creative Archive and has been continuiously maintained and updated (if sporatically) ever since."

Chapel starts here:


Main page is here:

08 July 2011 @ 07:35 pm
This site has been up for a while and has an entire section of Spock/Chapel stories. Lots of variety and different perspectives with some really interesting and unique plots. It's a site I enjoy and often come back to, just to reread some of the Trek Tales.

This is their blurb:

"Our Mission
This site is dedicated to Star Trek: The Original Series and the seven movies featuring the original cast. Its primary purpose is to preserve fan fiction from classic ST fanzines of the last thirty years, to encourage the creation of new fan fiction set in the TOS timeframe, and to serve as a contact point for fans of the entire Star Trek universe. Welcome to Federation space! "

I have two links. The first goes to the front page, the second goes directly to the Spock/Chapel Fan Fiction Page.

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06 July 2011 @ 05:59 pm
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If you aren't watching this on your Friends page on LJ, then you are missing out on a great resource. About six times a week, these hardworking Trek fans post a summary of Trek things from Live Journal and I think it feeds in from Dreamwitdth, too.

You will want to read the information about what they are looking for in posts to broadcast out and the information that they need to add your post to the news feed. It's a great way to get the comm out there and more active.

Before anyone asks, Spock_Chapel is already on the list of comms they check for fics, art, and so on. It's just more activity will get more Spock/Chapel out there.