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.:Posting and Commenting Guidelines:.

-We are a Spock/Chapel community, not an anti-Kirk/Spock, Spock/Uhura, McCoy/Chapel etc. Do not post anything hoping to find a sympathetic ear to your ship bashing.

-Please no bashing of characters, actors, or fanworks. Constructive criticism is fine, but know the difference between that and bashing.

-Be courteous to all commenters and posters. There is room for disagreement but ABSOLUTELY NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. Do not follow someone to their personal journal if they happen to disagree with you. That is just creepy.

-We do allow mature content but please put it under a cut when posting.

-All Spock and Chapel content (fic, art, graphics, discussion, etc.) is allowed to be posted here. It does not matter if it is of a romantic nature or not.

-Since we are starved for content at this community. For now we will accept posts about Spock or Chapel individually. This includes icons, discussions, and whatever else you can think of, but Spock and/or Chapel cannot be paired with someone else.

-General Star Trek content is allowed. Members, feel free to post about any forthcoming sequel news, or any sort of upcoming Star Trek event. Also, feel free to post any fandom challenges and it is greatly encouraged to post anything related to a fandom charity event.

-Interviews with Majel Barrett and Leonard Nimoy are encouraged to be posted. They don’t have to contain questions pertaining to Spock/Chapel, but it would be nice!

Any Questions? Contact the mod newest_gloss through PM
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